"Mr. Big Words"
Season 1, Episode 16b
Mr. Big Words
Production code: 116 b
Original Airdate: 05/27/2008
Featured Words: Clarify,
Written by: Peggy Nicoll
"Meat with a Side of Cute"
"Two-Brains Forgets"

Mr. Big Words is episode 16b of Season 1 of WordGirl.


Mr. Big builds a radio tower to send out a mind control signal throughout Fair City. The signal makes people start using big words, causing confusion and chaos (for example, a customer at the supermarket says that he "requires a cylinder of mouth cleaner" instead of "needs a tube of toothpaste"). WordGirl is forced to constantly zip around the city, defining words for people so they won't be confused. Meanwhile, Mr. Big uses "word sucker" devices (his name for microphones) to capture WordGirl's definitions. What is Mr. Big's end game, and will he succeed?


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Major Roles
Minor Roles
Background Roles


  • "Sometimes a hum is just a hum." - Becky Botsford
  • " made a dictionary, did you?" - WordGirl to Mr. Big


  • This is the first episode in which Leslie is addressed by name.
  • There is a special tune that normally plays throughout the series when a character (usually WordGirl) defines a word. In this episode, the lines are somewhat blurred between when this tune is played and when it isn't. It is used when she defines the featured words (clarify and proceed), as well as the words "cylindrical container" and "dictionary," but not when defining "trousers," "canine," or "incarcerated". Since the episode contains more than the usual number of word definitions, it probably makes sense to play the tune sparingly.

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