"Mr. Big's Mini-Golf"
Season 2, Episode 16b
Mr. Big's Mini-Golf titlecard
Production code: 216 b
Original Airdate: 10/14/2009
Featured Words: Colossal,
Written by: Kim Samek
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"Nocan the Contrarian (episode)"

Mr. Big's Mini-Golf is episode 16b of Season 2 of WordGirl.


Mr. Big is jealous of a new villain who claims to have a mansion and mini-golf course, and struggles to keep up with his success.


The annual villain convention is welcoming a brand-new villain in town–Guy Rich! He claims to be an evil businessman with a 150-room mansion and his own mini-golf course. Everyone is impressed except Mr. Big, who is jealous of him and says that "there can only be one rich, evil businessman in town". He announces that he has a bigger mini-golf course than Guy Rich (which he doesn't), and invites everyone to come play on it. Then, he gets to work mind-controlling all the villains to help him build the course, such as having them steal statues for certain holes.

Meanwhile, WordGirl and Captain Huggyface are playing ping-pong at WordGirl's spaceship hideout when her computer announces an incoming criminal dispatch. She reads an article about the new villain Guy Rich moving into town and decides to pay him a visit. WordGirl and Huggy fly to his mansion, only to find that it's just a cardboard cutout over a normal house. Guy Rich confesses to WordGirl that he's just a normal guy with a normal job pretending to be a rich villain, and that it's hard for such a normal guy to fit in with the "competition of who has the biggest car or the most colossal TV". He says that he doesn't even have his own caddy; the caddy is actually his brother, and the two switch roles at every town.

At that time, Mr. Big is playing on his new golf course when WordGirl shows up and demands him to return the stolen property. Mr. Big sends his mind-controlled villain army to capture WordGirl, but Huggy sneaks up behind him and steals the mind-control remote. The mind control is shut off, and the villains reprimand Mr. Big for breaking the villain association rule against mind control on other villains. Big complains that Guy Rich was the reason he did this, and he said that Guy was the real villain. Upon hearing this, WordGirl tells Guy to come out of his hiding spot, and to tell Mr. Big the truth. Reluctant at first, he says that his golf course is much more colossal than Big's, but he tells the truth in the end. Big is shocked that he stole all that property for his golf course for nothing. The villains then have a little fun with Mr. Big by putting him under mind control and making him dance, but WordGirl stops the fun by telling them she'll make him return the property, and then take him to jail. Afterwards, WordGirl and Huggy go back to the hideout to play more ping-pong.


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