Season 1, Episode 23a
Production code: 123 a
Original Airdate: 11/03/2008
Featured Words: Collaborate,
Written by: Peggy Nicoll
"The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker"
"Villain School"

Mousezilla is episode 23a of Season 1 of WordGirl.


Tobey and Dr. Two-Brains collaborate to create a mouse robot, but they each have their own ideas of how to use their creation. Can WordGirl stop this powerful and destructive contraption before it steals all the cheese in the city?


When Tobey and Dr. Two-Brains meet at an evil villain convention, they decide to team up and create a new robot, which Dr. Two-Brains immediately names "Mouse-Zilla". Mouse-Zilla is a combination of Tobey's expertise and a special kind of flexible yet sturdy metal accidentally created by Two-Brains.

The Botsford family is getting ready for a scavenger hunt competition. Tim Botsford is taking the hunt very seriously, because a Botsford has never won the competition before. Each family member is assigned a list of items to collect, but before Becky can get started on her list, she gets called away by the sound of destruction coming from the city.

At first, Tobey and Two-Brains are excited about their collaboration, but their selfish natures soon come to the forefront. They cannot agree on how to use their new robot: Tobey gets upset that Two-Brains only wants to use it to steal cheese, and Dr. Two-Brains can't believe Tobey is more interested in destroying things, like the "Really Tall State Building." Also, they each become upset when they learn that the other has secretly made "additions" to the robot. Tobey snuck in an energy bubble generator, and Two-Brains added extendible whiskers without letting Tobey know.

WordGirl battles Mouse-Zilla while helping her family complete the scavenger hunt. With Huggy's help, she ends up defeating it and tosses it into the bay. (At the end of the episode, it is seen holding onto a life preserver.) Tobey and Two-Brains get sent off in handcuffs, their collaboration in ruins.


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