" Tobey, have you finally learned your lesson about robots? "
Ms. Davis to Tobey
Miss Davis
Name Miss Davis
Gender Female
Age unknown (adult)
Occupation Teacher
Alignment Good
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Voice Actor Amy Sedaris

Miss Davis (sometimes spelled Ms. Davis by fans) is a teacher at Woodview Elementary School (voiced by Amy Sedaris) who serves as the moderator of the debate club. She made her a cameo appearance in "Bummertime" and she debuted in the third season episode "Cleanup in Aisle Eleven" where she moderated a discussion between Becky and Todd on who would be the club's mascot, with Becky wanting a unicorn and Todd wanting an armadillo. When the vote was tied, Ms. Davis invoked the tierbreaker rule as written and chose a magic turtle. She recently reappeared in the episode "Cherish Is The Word". Ms. Davis has hidden valentines since her school days in her boot, the first showing her barefoot where she "cherishes" them on each Valentine's Day. She is too busy reading to notice Victoria Best is up to no good. We have never seen Ms. Davis without her glasses on. Amy Sedaris also voiced Rhyme in the episode Rhyme and Reason.


  • Bummertime (Cameo)
  • Cleanup in Aisle Eleven
  • Cherish is the Word
  • Mobot Knows Best
  • The Rise of Miss. Power (Cameo)
  • Tobey's Playground Calamity
  • The Robot Problem