This page is a list of background/unnamed characters that were not influential to any of the episodes' plots. Examples of characters that would not qualify for this list is a OTC (one-time character) helper of WordGirl, important unnamed characters such as the Exposition Guy, or animals.

As of now, please suggest placeholder names for characters in the comments. It's going to be a lost cause to put up a fancy voting system like for the large, bustling MLP Wikia. If I (KerrytheBrony) approve, I will put it up here. Kapish?

Name Gender Age group Description/appearance Image
Unnamed male robber #1 Gavin Male Adult A minor robber sneaking around the playground in Violet Superhero. WordGirl tied him up in the swing. Robber2
Unnamed male robber #2 Male Adult In Violet Superhero, the first criminal that Violet Heaslip meets after she thinks she's gained superpowers. He eventually gets tied up by WordGirl with a lamppost. Robber1
Unnamed apple farmer Male Adult The farmer that offers Doctor Two-Brains apples and cheese in the epsiode Seize the Cheese. Apple farmer

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