This page covers all the seen rays and varies inventions used by Dr. Two-Brains

Two-brains Ray06-3


Dr. Two brains has build and used a variety of weapons and rays in his crimes and actions against his enemy wordgirl. Most of his inventions are cheese, or mouse based, often hinting what their purpose is for.

List of Rays

Other Weaponry

  • Cheese Seizer
  • Indestructible Energy-Field
  • Mecha-Mouse
  • Mouse-Trap
  • String-Cheese Canister
  • Mouse-Zilla
  • Energy-Monster Helmet
  • Black-out Controller
  • Swiss-Net
  • Spray Cheese Canister
  • Mouse-Wheel
  • Fishing Pole
  • Copter Pack
  • Space Pod
  • Asteroid-Attraction ray (built from Cheese Seizer)

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