" Who’s a cute little criminal, huh? You are! Yes you are! "
Butcher, Meat with a Side of Cute
Li'l Mittens

Li'l Mittens, originally named Meat Hook, is a minor animal character on the series WordGirl. He was featured most prominently in the episode Meat with a Side of Cute, in which The Butcher found the kitten outside his lair, and decided to adopt him, believing that he would be a tough sidekick. However, the cat proved to be very non-threatening, and the Butcher was considering "firing" him when he realized that "Meat Hook" was so cute that he distracted people whenever he committed a crime. Thus, his name was changed to Li'l Mittens. The Butcher brought Li'l Mittens along on all of his heists, distracting WordGirl with his cuteness.

However, the Butcher gained an affection for the kitten.  Later on in the episode, Li'l Mittens runs away, causing the Butcher to become immensely distressed and, grudgingly, enlisting WordGirl's help to locate the lost kitten.  As always, the Butcher ends up going to jail, leaving Li'l Mittens to the care of Star-shirted girl, who found the kitten when it was lost.  She seems to care a lot for him.  In fact, in The Rise of Miss Power, Li'l Mittens is rescued from a tree by Captain Huggy Face, and he hands the kitten to the same girl.

Li'l Mittens also appears briefly hanging from a flag pole in the episode Dr. WordGirl-Brains.