Disambiguation: not to be confused with Leslie, the assistant of Mr. Big.
Favorite Word - Lesly age 11

Lesly is a background character whose name was revealed in the What's Your Favorite Word? interview she gave when she was 11 years old, at which time her favorite word was "fabulous".

Lesly goes to Becky's school.  She seems to have a bit of an attitude, based on her Favorite Word interview and on how she is portrayed in some episodes.

Lesly's first appearance is in the Wordgirl intro running away from Tobey's Robot in fear with Tommy and Ben.

Interview for WYFW

My favorite word is "fabulous" because... that's what I am. I'm pretty, I have good grades, my friends tell me I'm fabulous, my teachers and my parents are like, the number one people that tell me that I'm fabulous.


Theme Park WHAMpage

She is waiting in line behind Huggy.

Becky's Bad-itude

She is sitting in the audience watching the Funbots concert, in the space behind Dodgeball girl and a green-jacketed lady.


See also

  • Hannah, a similar-looking background character with a different color palette.


"Look at Wordgirl! She has food in her teeth! Isn't she hilarious!" -The Tooth Hurts