Kid Math (aka Rex) is a superhero from the planet Hexagon. He works with Wordgirl and Captain Huggyface. He first appears in episode with the same name.

He is voiced by Jack McBrayer.

Kid Math Alone


He was born on the planet Hexagon, a planet near Lexicon. He was in his spaceship when he went past Earth. Thinking that a city there might need a superhero, he landed in Fair City.

He first met Wordgirl when she was battling Doctor Two-Brains.


He has dark brown hair that stands straight up and a square face. He wears glasses in and out of costume. He is shorter than most kids in the fifth grade.

As Kid Math, he wears a bright cyan outfit with white gloves and boots, a yellow utility belt, and a symbol on his chest: a cyan equals sign on a white circle.

As Rex, he wears a red hoodie, teal shorts and.sneakers. His Kid Math costume is visible underneath.


He thinks things through logically, possibly due to his Hexagonian origins. He is new to being a superhero, and messes up sometimes, though he is eager to get better.

Wordgirl and Kid Math


  • Flight
  • Super-speed
  • Super-strength
  • Super-hearing
  • Extremely good at math (can calculate probabilities and equations in seconds)


  • He is one of the only characters to figure out Wordgirl's secret identity, the others being Tobey (temporarily), Dr. Two Brains (also temporarily), Scoops, Violet and Bampy. Part 2 of the episode that's about him show that he has a crush on Violet.


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