The Key to the City does not actually open anything in Fair City, but is instead a trophy given to people for doing good deeds for the city.  It has been regularly awarded to WordGirl for her services. Multiple references have been made to the large number of keys WordGirl has. She usually receives them in ceremonies outside City Hall, and are given to her by The Mayor.

Originally the keys were small and silver, and looked like they were assembled from separate parts. The ones seen later in the series are gold-colored and much larger.


Season 1

Season 2

  • In Tiny Big, WordGirl is about to receives her 41st key, but the Mayor gives it to Tiny Big, who throws it away. She eventually gets it in the end. Scoops mistakenly says she is receiving her 39th key, and WordGirl corrects him about it being the 41st, saying he forgot the 2 she received the previous week during the WordGirl Parade.

Season 3


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