Invisibill letter
Name Invisi-Bill
A/K/A Bill (Real Name)
Gender Male
Age Unknown (adult)
Occupation Villain
Alignment Evil
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Big Left Hand Guy, The Whammer
Family Unknown
Abilities Can Turn Invisible at Will
Voice Actor H. Jon Benjamin

Invisi-Bill is a minor villain on the series WordGirl, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin whose special power is the ability to turn invisible whenever he wants.


He first appeared in the episode "Who is Ms. Question?" as a villain just graduating from the Coach's villain school.  He later had a larger role starring in "The Invisi-Bill Hand", along with Big Left Hand Guy. The two worked together on a series of well-plotted crimes, where Invisi-Bill would invisibly steal something, and Big Left Hand Guy would hail a taxi to escape. However, when Invisi-Bill got left behind, their duo fell apart.

He had another large role in "Plain Old Mischief Makers", where Invisi-Bill and Big Left Hand Guy, at risk of having their supervillain status revoked by the Coach, attempted to successfully rob the Jewelry Store. While Big Left Hand Guy talked to Reginald, Invisi-Bill was supposed to steal the jewels, but their plan backfired. After the two were stopped by WordGirl, the Coach took away their supervillain status and they became Plain Old Mischief Makers.

He also made appearances in "A Questionable Pair", matching him up with Ms. Question, and in "The Power of Whamship", where he teams with The Whammer.