Hurl is an episode of May I Have a Word where Tommy correctly defined the word.



In round 1, after the examples for hurl are shown, Tommy exclaims, "Oh butcher, will you never learn that your meat attacks are no match for WordGirl?  She's invincible!"  Emily then buzzes in and defines the word invincible, giving the right definition, but for the wrong word.

Tommy then says "The butcher...what a totally lame opponent for WordGirl.  And he calls himself a villain!"  Emily buzzes in to define the word villain, but Beau stops her before she can repeat her mistake.

Finally, Tommy buzzes in and correctly defines hurl as "to throw or fling, like the butcher does with his lame meat."

In the bonus round, Tommy chooses the correct picture (#1 - T.J. hurling an apple core into the trash).


  • Round 1: A giant paper clip
  • Round 2: A giant stapler



Click here for Transcript

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