"High-Fat Robbery"
Season 1, Episode 1b
High fat robbery
Production code: 101 b
Original Airdate: 9/3/2007
Featured Words: Impressive,
Written by: Peggy Nicoll
"Tobey or Consequences"
"You Can't Crush City Hall"

High-Fat Robbery is episode 1b of Season 1 of WordGirl.


The Butcher is hosting free barbecues as diversions to help him carry out his crimes; WordGirl takes him down, after discovering his meaty powers are neutralized by tofu!


High fat robbery 01

Scoops: Ace Reporter

As the story begins, Becky walks with Scoops in the park, and looks adoringly at him while he tells her about his dream of becoming a reporter for the Big City Times. However, she felt that his latest stories in the Daily Rag were a little "dull," such as the one about the Second Main Bank giving out free toasters. She tells him to focus more on fifth graders, since no one outside the school probably reads the paper.

High fat robbery 02

The Second Main Bank

At the Second Main Bank, the security guard is shown reading the Daily Rag, and talking about the free toasters. Suddenly a mysterious stranger appears with a note saying "Free Bobblecue in the parking lot." After the guard and the bank teller try to guess what his note means, the stranger holds out a barbecued rib, making his meaning perfectly clear. After luring everyone outside to a banquet table, the mysterious stranger robs the bank.

High fat robbery 03

Becky's Diversion

Becky, Scoops and Bob are relaxing peacefully on the grass, when Becky hears an alarm going off, and someone saying that the bank has been robbed. She sits up and announces this to Scoops, telling him that this would be a impressive story. Scoops questions how Becky could have heard an alarm when he heard nothing, saying she would have to have super-hearing. Realizing her mistake, she shrugs it off, and offers to race him to the bank for a free toaster. Scoops takes her up on it, and starts running toward the bank, giving Becky and Bob time to change into WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face.

High fat robbery 04

A Meaty Crime

WordGirl and Huggy arrive at the bank. The security guard shows her the note that the stranger gave him, and explain how he tricked them by throwing a barbecue. Scoops asks her who she thinks did it, and she tells him she has some ideas. He asks her where she thinks he will strike next, but she tells him she has no idea. Meanwhile, Huggy takes the opportunity to grab some meat from the table outside.

High fat robbery 05

The Hoboken Diamond

The next day, At the Ye Olde Fancy Schmancy Jewelry Store, Reginald is also reading through the Daily Rag, searching until he finds the article he is looking for: Rich old lady to buy the Hoboken Diamond. She comes through the door and pays for the diamond in cash ("pocket change"), going on about how filthy rich she is. Behind her, the stranger comes through the door and announces free barbeque, and they all scramble for the door.

High fat robbery 06

An Epiphany

Scoops, Becky and Bob walk together down the sidewalk, as Scoops reads through his article about the bank robbery from the day before. Some of his comments were "employees eat the evidence", and "WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face clueless!" (which Becky complains to him about, then catches herself again) Bob quickly moves ahead of them, and as Becky and Scoops catch up with him, they see that Reginald and the customers at the jewelry store are feasting on barbecue. A few seconds later, the alarm inside the jewelry store goes off.

High fat robbery 08

Becky and Bob slip away and change, then arrive back at the jewelry store to meet the perpetrator: The Butcher, who is holding the Hoboken diamond. After a brief interlude where she explains to the Butcher what a diversion means, he launches a “pot roast attack” on them, letting him escape with the diamond.

Scoops then tells WordGirl that this is the second time he wrote a story that turned into a crime scene. When she asks him what he means, he explains that he had written about the Hoboken diamond in the Daily Rag. WordGirl realizes the connection, and tells Scoops to write another story for the next issue.

High fat robbery 09

The Vegetarians

The next day, the Butcher is sitting in his lair with the diamond on his lap, when the Daily Rag arrives. He reads an article about how Vic’s Vegetarian restaurant is making millions off wheat and barley ice cream. He quickly shows up at the restaurant with the same scheme, telling the patrons that there is free barbecue outside. Obviously they aren’t interested, and show him the tofu they are eating. Still not understanding, he holds up a rack of ribs to tempt them, and WordGirl shows up with Huggy to explain what a vegetarian is (to which the Butcher responds, “that’s sick!”) He then launches a “sausage cyclone” on WordGirl, which becomes more than she can handle.

High fat robbery 10

Huggy grabs a handful of tofu and flings it at the Butcher’s face. It turns out that tofu blocks his power, because he is not able to resume his attack. Huggy grabs a tray of the tofu and keeps pummeling him with them, while Scoops contemplates his next story...about how HE stopped the Butcher!


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  • Note.this was in the wordgirl books

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