Hal Hardbargain
Hal Hardbargain
Official image from the PBS Kids GO! website.
Name Hal Hardbargain
Gender Male
Occupation Gadget supplier
Alignment Double-sided[1]
Homeland Earth
Race Human (cyborg)
Family Wife (status unknown)
Abilities Bionic eye and arm
Voice Actor James Adomian

Hal Hardbargain is a gruff gadget supplier and owner of Hal's Villains Supply Shop/Super Heroes Supply Shop. He has a mechanical arm and an electronic eye patch over one eye.

His first appearance was in the episode "Word(Hicc)Up!" In this episode he was swindling Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy by selling malfunctioning rays and supplies. The only villains known to be at his store are Dr. Two Brains, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, and Granny May.

He appears to have a wife, as told in "Word(Hicc)Up!", although it is still not quite clear. He tells constant stories about unknown villains, though he claims they were from another city. He also built Chuck's crusher.

Hal appeared in the Word Girl movie The Rise of Miss Power, where he and Colonel Giggle Cheeks arm wrestled, with Giggle Cheeks winning.



  • His mechanical eye and his name, Hal, may be a reference to the HAL 9000 computer system from Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series.