"Granny's Intuition"
Season 3, Episode 10b
Granny's Intuition titlecard
Production code: 310 b
Original Airdate: 02/08/2011
Featured Words: Intuition,
Written by: John N. Huss
"Cherish is the Word"
"Bampy Battles Bots"

Granny's Intuition is episode 10b of Season 3 of WordGirl.


Granny May tricks the city into thinking she has reformed and is now fighting crime, in order to steal Cleopatra’s candy dish. Can WordGirl expose her ruse and stop her?


The episode starts with Granny May taking a Christmas Card photo of her cat, Colonel Mustard. Before she can take it, the mail arrives, with it the latest issue of the Candy Dish Enthusiast magazine. The magazine has an article about Cleopatra's candy dish coming to Fair City, which Granny plans to steal. She pulls off a robbery at the bank, but tricks the police that the security guard did by having them close their eyes "for a surprise" while she puts a stack of bills into the security guard's pocket, then giving them cookies so as not to arouse suspicion. WordGirl, who heard of the robbery on the news, arrives on the scene, but too late–Granny May has already "foiled" the crime. That night, news of Granny May having given up her evil ways to fight crime show on TV, and Granny claims to have been using her intuition to stop them.

After several more crimes that Granny has committed and blamed on others, the city decides to put her in charge of guarding the candy dish, which is traveling with its own security system. The next day, at the candy dish exhibition, WordGirl and Captain Huggyface enter with disguises, watching Granny May carefully. She sees her distract the people with grandchildren photos, disable the security, and walk in the display structure. WordGirl realizes Granny wasn't doing good at all; she was just trying to get the city to trust her with the candy dish security so she could steal it for herself. WordGirl takes off her disguise and flies in the structure to confront Granny May, but Granny traps her in the structure and turns on the security, activaing lasers and beetle swarms. After WordGirl gets out, she holds Granny May off while Huggy retrieves the dish, then throws her into the open mouth of a dinosaur model. She returns the dish to the curator, who puts Zachary Zany candy in it. WordGirl tells the police to release the people who Granny May arrested, and to arrest Granny May.


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  • Beats me. There’s a reason I’ve been voted the city’s least inquisitive reporter, five years running.


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