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Fumble is an episode of May I Have a Word where Tommy correctly defined the word.


The show starts with WordGirl delivering Beau Handsome to his podium, after she freed him from captivity in Tell Her What She's Won!. After watching the clips, Emily incorrectly guesses that "Fumble" means to carry a huge stack of books. Then Tommy rings in with the correct definition:  To handle an object clumsily.

In the bonus round, Tommy correctly chooses picture #2, in which Chuck fumbled one of his rays.


  • MAIN PRIZE: An official WordGirl Extremely Valuable Diamond-Encrusted Egg
  • BONUS PRIZE: A tube of official WordGirl Super-glue (to fix the egg that Huggy broke in the first segment)


  • This is the only time that an episode of May I Have a Word? was not repeated on any other WordGirl episodes. This is because the events in the opening sequence are tied specifically to Tell Her What She's Won!


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