Fatigued is an episode of May I Have a Word, where Tommy correctly defined the word.


Becky and Huggy fatigued


In Round 1, Emily buzzes in and exclaims, "Poor WordGirl and Huggy!  They look so fatigued!"  Beau asks her to define the word, and she answers, "When you're like WordGirl and Huggy are in the clip."  He continues to press her for a definition, becomes fatigued and starts yawning.  Finally, Tommy buzzes in and gives the correct definition:  "To be extremely tired, exhausted."  He says that even the great WordGirl can be fatigued because she's only human...then he ponders the fact that she is actually Lexiconian.

In the bonus round, Tommy correctly guesses picture #3, in which Becky stayed up late to watch a marathon of her favorite show, and is now fatigued.


  • An Official WordGirl Trampoline Bed -- perfect for getting exercise, and for resting when you're fatigued!
  • BONUS ROUND: An Official WordGirl Trip to Hawaii


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