Exposition Guy

"Isn't this the Police Station?"

"Is this the police station?" -Exposition Guy.

Exposition Guy is a character on the series WordGirl and is voiced by Chris Parnell, who also voices the Narrator. He always goes to the wrong place (usually where WordGirl happens to be), thinking that it is the police station. He has mistaken many places for the police station, calling for help all the while and not even recognizing his own wife ("Oh, I thought you looked familiar...")

Since each segment is only about twelve and a half minutes long, Exposition Guy is used as a running gag to further the plot quickly and easily, often adding comedy as a bonus (Something that WordGirl once pointed out by saying "Sometimes we need help getting to the next scene"). Usually when the writers need to go from one scene to that of a crime (or occasionally something else of importance, such as Tiny Big's concerts) they will have Exposition Guy come on the scene, frantically crying for help and detailing the problem. He has even mixed up his own home for the police station.

He has also ran through the police station in some of the early shorts. ("HELP! Someone is robbing the bank!" "Why are you telling us this?" "Isn't this the police station?" "No, that's the first floor, this is the third floor, Art Lessons." "Oh, thanks. HHHEEELLPPP!!!!!").

He also seems to show no fear of tight enclosed spaces as seen in "WordGirl Makes a Mistake".

In Line Lessons with Lady Redundant Woman, he is initially seen eating lunch with the mayor. When LRW is enraged by people's rudeness he calmly wipes his mouth, explains he will handle it, and rockets off with his usual "heeelp!" reaction.

He was suspicious of Becky being Word Girl for a few moments in "Word (Hicc!) Up".


The description Champlain's dear refers to the brown-haired man with a beard cut in goatee style, wearing glasses, blue jeans, grey shirt and a green hoody first introduced in Enter, the Butcher whom Ms. Champlain calls "dear". He bursts into her art class (which Becky and Violet are in) warning them that a bank is being robbed.

A recurring character, he later appears twice in The Rise of Miss Power where Miss Power mocks him for this irrational behavior after he bursts into WordGirls's spaceship, never seeming to find a police station.


WordGirl Makes A Mistake

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