Eugene May
Name Eugene May
A/K/A Eugene
Gender Male
Age 10 years old
Alignment Villain (later good)
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Emma (possibly best friend)

Violet Heaslip (friend)

Family Granny May (paternal grandmother)
Great Granny May (paternal maternal great grandmother)
Mr. May (father)
Unnamed paternal aunts and uncles
Unnamed paternal cousins
Milton May (paternal cousin)
Voice Actor N/A

Eugene May is an oversized 10-year old boy and the grandson of Granny May. He first appeared in Driving Miss Granny, where he helped Granny steal money and jewelery.

He was only a villain in Granny's short episodes. At that point, he tries to punch Huggyface and squeeze him while he was near his grandmother. Despite his enormous size and strength, he is now very sensitive and light mannered. As he tried to squeeze the monkey terribly, Violet confronts him and asks him his name. They then become friends and Eugene no longer enjoys beating people up.

Eugene has, at some point, stopped helping his grandmother, and attends Becky's school, Woodview Elementary.  He is constantly seen with Emma during various activities, such as in art class, on the playground, etc.


He's seemed to have made friends with Emma commonly seen in the background--they are often seen together in school activities.


Mount Rushhere

Seen playing baseball while the adults were gone.

A World Without WordGirl

He and Emma are guests at Becky's birthday party. They ride the ferris wheel together, paired up like Scoops and Violet.

The Rise of Miss Power

Tobey's Tricks and Treats

Becky's Bad-itude

He is seen waiting in line for the Billy concert, ahead of Victoria Best and behind his constant-companion Emma.