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Huggy and the pony.

Enormous is an episode of May I Have a Word where all 3 contestants correctly defined the word.


In Round 1, a single video clip is shown, where the camera quickly pans from the ground to the top of a large yellow robot.  No one responds, so Beau decides they should show the clip again, this time in slow-motion.  When no one still responds, Beau is visibly shaken with disbelief that no one can define the word.  Finally, all three contestants ring in at once and answer in unison:  "Enormous means huge, gigantic, very big!" Beau is relieved, but gets an enormous headache from the suspense.

Since all 3 contestants were winners in round 1, the first one who buzzes in and identifies the correct picture will win the bonus round. The pictures are:

  1. The jewelry dealer holding an enormous diamond
  2. Huggy staring longingly at an enormous sandwich
  3. WordGirl rescuing a kitten from a tree and returning it to a child

Tommy buzzes in and says that #1 best describes enormous.  Phil chooses #2 because the sandwich is enormous, Emily thinks that in #3, WordGirl has an enormous heart.  Beau thinks the last response is a bit of a stretch, but accepts her answer, so all three of them are declared winners.  (Which is strange, since Tommy was the only one who buzzed seems like he should have been the sole winner.)


  • An official Wordgirl Enormous Ball of Rubber Bands
  • BONUS ROUND:  an official WordGirl Shetland Pony  (evidently, just the one for all 3 of them)


  • This episode was not featured on PBS Kids website.


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