Edith von Hoosinghaus
Edith von Hoosinghaus 2
Name Edith von Hoosinghaus
Gender Female
Age 68
Occupation N/A
Alignment Good
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Unknown
Family Unknown
Voice Actor Dannah Phirman

Ms. Vonhoosinghaus is a rich older lady who lives in a giant mansion, which is somewhere along the city lines. She is the proud owner of the former Glow-Cheeses, and the Diamond Brain of Santa Tortuga, which still remains. She has also thrown pool parties, as seen in the episode, "The Masked Meat Marauder" where her Diamond-Studded Grill was introduced. In The Good, The Bad, And The Chucky she was taking a walk with Poodles von Hoosinghaus outside.

Her birthday is on the same day as Grandpa Ming, Reuben Grinder , Violet Heaslip, and Eileen the Birthday Girl, as stated by Sonny Days. It is also stated that she is 68.


"Thank you"

"Oh my!-"

"Look out Poodles Von Hoosinghaus!"


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