"Driving Miss Granny"
Short # 12 of 30
Driving miss granny
Length: 2 min
Original Airdate: 16 Jan 2007
Primary Villain: Granny May
Storyline: 1 of 3
Vocabulary Words: Timid
Watch Video: PBS Video
"Squeaky's Machine"
"Kiss My Granny"

Driving Miss Granny is short number 12 out of 30 of The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl.


A new villain’s in town! Granny May and her timid (and enormous) grandson Eugene rob an armored car in broad daylight. Will WordGirl be able to catch up with them?


Outside of a toy store, two security guards are loading bags of money into an armored car. As they discuss WordGirl’s sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, a car comes swerving toward them, and manages to stop just short of the truck. An older lady steps out, and politely asks the guards to move the money into her car. They laugh, thinking she is joking with them. But when she calls for her nephew Eugene, a giant boy comes out of the car and casually rips a nearby mailbox from its foundation.

Meanwhile, Becky, Bob and Violet are walking down a sidewalk across the street, talking about their art class. Violet notices Eugene across the street, who has just closed the trunk of Granny May’s car. Violet says hi to him, and he timidly crouches behind the car. Granny May comes out of the truck carrying a bag of money in each hand, and throws them into her car. One of the security guard, securely tied up from his neck to his feet, hops out from behind the truck and yells that Granny May just stole the money from their truck. Granny May quickly gets into the car and takes off. Violet starts talking to Becky about how surprised she is that this sweet old lady is actually a crook, but Becky has already slipped away and changed into WordGirl, ready to pursue Granny May.


Major Roles
Minor Roles
Background Roles



  • Granny’s nephew Eugene becomes a recurring background character in the WordGirl series. More about him in the trivia section of Living in the Granny's Paradise.

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