Dress Shop Owner

The Dress Shop Owner refers to the owner of the dress shop on Ashford and Simpson. She appears in the season 1 episode The Return of the Reprise of Lady Redundant Woman, in which Lady Redundant Woman stole three similar gowns from the shop to wear at the upcoming Triple Dip Ball. She also appears in Monkey-Robot Showdown handing flowers to Huggy and scared by Checkmate 3000. In Nocan the Contrarian, she asks Tim Botsford, the mayor for a day, for outfits for her cats.


"Three of my most elegant dresses! And all that's in another colors, maybe blue, midnight blue and indigo!"

"Please help me get them back Wordgirl, I have a customer coming in tonight to pick up those dresses for the Triple Dip Ball!"

"Is that him?..."

"Oh, but I though he was a monkey..."

"Of course, Oh that was quick, hello officer."


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