Dodgeball girl
The phrase dodgeball girl refers to an unnamed girl who goes to the same school as Becky and Tobey. She receives special focus in one episode where she stalks Tobey, having traumatized him over his dodgeball defeat that he wants to make summer last forever so he doesn't have to go to school and face her again.



In school.

Have You Seen the Remote?

Theme Park WHAMpage

Seen in the company of a guy who may be her dad.

Becky's Bad-itude

She is seen waiting in line for the Squishy Funbots concert.

In this case she is standing next to the man who appeared as the Unnamed Robber in Violet Superhero.

The character previously implied to be dodgeball girl's dad is in the line, but is nowhere near her. He is actually standing behind Bob Botsford in line, next to Star-shirted girl.

She is later seen within the audience of the concert, visible behind Becky and TJ in the space between them. Steven (WYFW) is sitting to her left side, and a blonde woman in a green jacket is sitting to her right side. Lesly is sitting over her right shoulder.


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