Devour is an episode of May I Have a Word where Emily correctly defined the word.



In Round 1, after seeing three examples of Huggy devouring food, Phil buzzes in while eating a sandwich, and his answer cannot be understood. Emily then buzzes in and correctly defines Devour as "to gobble down food".

 Phil: "That's what I said!"
 Tommy: "Well, who could understand you when you were devouring that sandwich?!"
 Phil: "I clearly said, devour means to gobble down food!"

He then takes another bite and says it again. Although the words are muffled by the food, you can make out what he is saying. But Beau disqualifies Phil for talking with his mouth full, so Emily is declared the winner.

Emily also wins the bonus round, correctly choosing picture #2, in which Dr. Two-Brains is devouring a piece of cheese.


  • MAIN ROUND:  The Official Wordgirl World's Largest Stalk of Broccoli (reduced to the 2nd Largest Stalk of Broccoli after Huggy eats most of it)
  • BONUS ROUND:  The Official Wordgirl Largest Baby Carrot


  • This episode marks the speaking debut of Phil.
  • In this episode, Captain Huggyface eats both prizes: the official WordGirl world's largest stalk of broccoli and the world's largest baby carrot.
  • In one of the pictures, Mr. Big's is wearing a red mask instead of his usual purple one.
  • The audience is not shown at the end of Round 1.  Instead, the camera stays focused on Beau. The audience is shown at the end of Round 1 in its second airing.
  • This is the first episode to be directed by Kelly Miyahara.


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  • Neither Phil's nor Emily's light came on when they buzzed in.

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