Dazzling is an episode of May I Have a Word where Tommy correctly defined the word.



At first, Tommy only gives examples of dazzling (Hoboken diamond, other jewels in the store, WordGirl's eyes) without buzzing in.  He finally buzzes in and correctly defines the word as "bright, almost blinding."

In the bonus round, Tommy selects the picture that correctly illustrates the meaning of dazzling (#2-Hoboken diamond).


  • An Official Wordgirl Giant Disco Ball
  • No prize offered for the bonus round


  • This is only episode where each contestant wins only one prize, while the bonus round has no prizes.
  • After Tommy answers correctly, the light above his podium comes on after he buzzes in, but is off again in the next scene. It normally stays on to identify the winning contestant.
  • In the bonus round, the closing camera shot is of Beau and the three contestants, instead of showing the audience.


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