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Main prize: trip to the moon

Dazed is an episode of May I Have a Word where Phil correctly defined the word. However he answered incorrectly in the bonus round.


In Round 1, after viewing the 3 video clips, Emily buzzes in, but Beau does not respond.  She says, "Beau, aren't you going to call on me?"   She continues to buzz in, as they wonder what is wrong with him.  Beau continues to have a dazed look on his face.  They all yell, "Beau, wake up!" and he finally comes around. He apologizes, saying that he didn't get much sleep and was in a daze.  Phil then buzzes in and defines Daze as "unable to think or react be kind of out of it, just like you were Beau!"  (I'm not sure why Emily didn't act upset that Phil beat her out, since she had buzzed in first.)

In the bonus round, Phil chooses picture number 2, which is incorrect. The correct picture for Dazed is #3, which features The Butcher who was dazed after being defeated by WordGirl. Phil says that he meant to say 3, but must have been in a daze.


  • An All-expense paid Trip to the Moon
  • BONUS ROUND: All the Astronaut food you would need for a Trip to the Moon


  • This episode was not featured on PBS Kids website.
  • Emily calls Beau by his first name instead of Mr. Handsome, the way that she usually addresses him.
  • This is only one of two episodes in which no one won the bonus round, the other being Stroll.


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