David Driscoll is a cheesemaster who was featured in the episode "Highway to Havarti" at the International Cheese Exhibition. He was kidnapped by Dr. Two-Brains (prompting him to comment, "Why does every lecture I give end the same way?") because he wanted Driscoll to make his Cheddar-Provo-Swiss Super-Sandwich-Cheese (Driscoll's solution was "Just use a slice of each!")

David Driscol

Two-Brains was caught by WordGirl and she presumably returned Driscoll to the cheese exhibition. Driscoll also made two cameo appearances in the episodes "Oh, What a Tangled Rope You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy" and "House Arrest" as playing Celebrity Skeeball with other celebrities, such as Raul Demiglasse and The Queen of Barbronia.    

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