Becky dangling from a jungle jim

Dangle is an episode of May I Have a Word where Tommy correctly defined the word.


In Round 1, Tommy buzzes in and correctly defines Dangle as "to hang loosely, and sway back and forth." After seeing the prize (a dictionary), Tommy's response was, "Like I need that--I'm a walking dictionary!" He proceeds to rattle off definitions for several other words previously featured in this segment, but Beau stops him, saying "then you surely know what farewell means!"

In the bonus round, Tommy correctly chooses picture #1, where Huggy is dangling from a tree. After seeing the calculator was the bonus prize, Tommy again says, "Like I need that." He starts to rattle off an equation with large numbers, but Beau interrupts him.


  • An Official WordGirl Supersized Dictionary
  • BONUS ROUND: An Official WordGirl Gargantuan Calculator


  • The words Strenuous, Bewilder and Expired were mentioned by Tommy.


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