Dairy Villains Monthly is a fictional organization on the TV series WordGirl.

Not much is known about this organization, but it is possible that it is a monthly newsletter/magazine that, as its name suggests, features dairy-based villains.

In the episode "Crime Takes a Holiday", Dairy Villains Monthly gave Dr. Two-Brains an "all expenses-paid, week-long, cheese-themed cruise". Since he was going to be gone for a whole week, in which time his place on the Ten Most-Wanted list would be lost, Two-Brains decided that he needed to hire a temporary replacement. After 56 unsuccessful auditions (one of which was The Whammer), a person named Glen Furlblam showed up, claiming to be Two-Brains' number-one fan. However, because of Glen's conceited personality and terrible ideas for "improvements", Two-Brains did not consider Glen to be a good replacement.

After committing several "crimes" that ruined Dr. Two-Brains' reputation, Glen was captured by WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face, and Dr. Two-Brains got to go on his vacation. He was seen at the end on a cruise ship, drinking a cheese-flavored drink next to a pile of cheese.

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