"Crime in the Key of V"
Season 4, Episode 19b
S3E20b Title Card
Production code: 406 b
Original Airdate: 10/14/2011
Featured Words: Exceptional,
Written by: Scott Ganz & Andrew Samson
"WordGirl and Bobbleboy"
"Where Have All the Villains Gone?"

Crime in the Key of V is episode 19b of Season 4 of WordGirl.


Determined to be the best at everything, the villainous Victoria Best sets out to be the best superhero in the city and put WordGirl out of commission for good. When Victoria captures Amazing Rope Guy with her tractor beam eyes will WordGirl have to settle for second best?


A crowd has gathered around, while WordGirl is about to receive a key to the city from the Mayor, for defeating a whole bunch of villains. Just then, Victoria goes up to WordGirl, and demands that she have the key, because she claims that she is simply "the best at everything". Her parents support this claim, while WordGirl says that she can't be the best at everything. She asks for her key back, adding that she got it because she was the best superhero, and Victoria isn't even a superhero. Victoria's parents argue that "she could be if she wanted to", and with their hypnotic gazes, tell her to "put [her] mind to it." Victoria repeats this with the same hypnotic glare in her eyes. WordGirl just takes the key from Victoria's hands while she is in her trance (Victoria hardly even reacting to the action) and flies off. Victoria, still semi-frozen in her current pose, looks up at WordGirl indignantly.

Later, Amazing Rope Guy is trying to rob the bank. wordGirl comes and ties him up, but Victoria shows up and uses her flute to hypnotize everyone, then makes them believe that she captured the criminal. Everyone then believes she is a superhero. She is honored by the Mayor for her accomplishment, and WordGirl has to give the key to the city back. Victoria even gets a gorilla sidekick named General Smoochington, and starts swinging from a rope attached to the roof of her house to simulate flying.

When the Whammer shows up to challenge Victoria to a battle, Becky decides not to help out and see how she handles herself. Whammer goes on a rampage, and Victoria reluctantly goes to try and save the day. When she commands her sidekick to take care of the Whammer, he just eats a banana. She is too nervous even to play her flute. Finally admitting that she is not a real superhero, WordGirl shows up to save the day.

As she drives off with her disappointed parents, Victoria says, "Well, if I can't be the best superhero, then I'll be the best supervillain!"


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  • Victoria, why are you dawdling? You're supposed to be saving the day, dear--go ahead and save it already!


    • This episode's title may be interpreted in several different ways. "Crime in the Key of V" is a reference to keys in music, which reflects Victoria's recorder and how she uses it in her crimes. "Key" may also have a double meaning, as part of the episodes' plot involved a key to the city.