May i have a word Collection 0001

Tommy disguised as Captain Huggyface.

Collection is an episode of May I Have a Word? where Phil correctly defined the word.


In Round 1, Phil buzzed in and correctly defined Collection as "a group of objects gathered by a person." Tommy then showed his collection of hand-drawn WordGirl comics, with him holding WordGirl and disguised as Captain Huggyface. Huggy jumped too high on the official WordGirl trampoline and fell to Beau Handsome.

In the bonus round Phil picked number 2, noticing that it's a pretty collection of awards. Tommy keeps distracting Phil because he wants the audience to buy his WordGirl comics. Huggy gave Phil a mystery package.


  • An Official WordGirl Super-charged Trampoline
  • An Official WordGirl Mystery Package


Click Here for Transcript

Featured on WordGirl episodes

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