"Chucky and the Sandwich Factory"
Short # 20 of 30
Chucky and the Sandwich Factory
Length: 2 min
Original Airdate: 23 Feb 2007
Primary Villain: Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy
Storyline: 3 of 3
Vocabulary Words: Ultimate
Watch Video: PBS Video
"Name That Dude"

Chucky and the Sandwich Factory is short number 20 out of 30 of The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl.


WordGirl sends Captain Huggy Face to search for the “ultimate crowbar” in order to help them escape Chuck, the Evil Sandwich Making Guy’s giant sandwich press. Will Captain Huggy Face be able to find the “ultimate crowbar” in time?


In the last episode, Scoops, WordGirl, and the Grocery Store Manager are tied up on the conveyor belt, heading toward Chuck’s ultimate sandwich press. But then Captain Huggy Face arrives, and WordGirl instructs him to bring her the “ultimate crowbar.” She takes some time to define the word ultimate for Chuck, and explains that it means the best example of something--the kind of crowbar that can obliterate his machine. When Huggy returns, she cries “Now!” He wedges the huge crowbar under the sandwich press and jumps on it, throwing the press into the air. It lands on Chuck, pinning him on the counter. Scoops and WordGirl have been freed from their bonds, and are standing with a policeman. WordGirl flies off, leaving Captain Huggy Face to ride the bus home.


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