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" I, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, should be the biggest, most powerful, most feared super villain in the city! And I would be, if it weren't for WordGirl! "
Chuck, in the episode "Sandwich World"
Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy
Name Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Alignment Evil
Homeland Fair City
Race Unknown (possibly a human/sandwich hybrid)
Friends Sammy Sub
Family Chuck's mother
Brent (brother)
Abilities Using Sandwich Weapons
Voice Actor Fred Stoller

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy is one of WordGirl's major villains she faces. He loves sandwiches and his head looks like one. He is equivalent to The penguin from Batman.


Chuck is not very skilled with words, hence his current name and some of the ones he has tried out in the past, such as “Destructo the Destroyer,” “Amazo the Amazing Guy Who’s Evil but Not Really That Bad When You Get to Know Him,” and "Handsome Eddie" (the last was thought to be the most absurd). He is obsessed with sandwiches and lives in his mother's basement. He seems to spend most of his time making/eating sandwiches or playing video games, and does not in reality seem overly evil, committing some crimes simply to show how "evil" he is. His weapon is a gun that fires specially made mustard, relish, ketchup, oil, and other such sandwich condiments that have been modified to be able to encase people (so much that even WordGirl has some difficulty escaping). All of his other schemes and plots are sandwich related (such as planning to squash WordGirl and some civilians in a giant sandwich-press) except in the episode The Handsome Panther, where he took a brief break and tried a new villainous identity. He has a sandwich-like head. 



  • He is jealous of Brent. In Big and Brent, he saves him.
  • It is currently unknown if Chuck is a human, a living sandwich, or both.

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