"Chuck Makes a Buck"
Season 2, Episode 5b
Chuck Makes a Buck titlecard
Production code: 205 b
Original Airdate: 03/24/2009
Featured Words: Stupendous,
Written by: Carla Filisha
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"Highway to Havarti"

Chuck Makes a Buck is episode 5b of Season 2 of WordGirl.


To keep from going to jail, WordGirl talks Chuck into getting a job as a sandwich shop spokeman. When he gets the opportunity to help make sandwiches, he gets upset about how he is told to make them. Will Chuck go back to his old villainous ways?


Chuck tries to rob Reuben Grinder's Sandwich Shop, but fails. After defeating him, Wordgirl suggests he get an honest job. He is hesitant until Wordgirl threatens to take him to jail if he doesn't. So he starts a new job as Reuben's spokesman. It turns out that he is good at his job, and greatly increases the shop's revenue. However, he would rather make sandwiches than sell them. When Reuben needs help making sandwiches, Chuck jumps at the opportunity. But after finding out the many rules of making finger sandwiches, Chuck quits. Later, at a fancy party, Chuck returns to his old ways and tries to turn the entire party into a giant sandwich. Unfortunately for him, Wordgirl breaks free and foils his plans. and Chuck gets arrested and sent to jail by the police.


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Lady: Chuck! Of all the sandwich spokemen, You're the dreamiest! (notices Sammy Sub behind her.) Oops! Sorry Sammy Sub...