Transcript for Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy

Narrator: Todd "Scoops" Ming and Becky "WordGirl" Botsford scour the big city searching for grocery store.

Scoops: Hey, I could go for a sandwich. You?

Becky: (flustered and stumbling over her words) Uh, you mean like a "sandwich" sandwich? Or a sandwich, just like a sandwich? You know, I mean I know what a sandwich...sandwich means...

Scoops: Uh...what?

Becky: You know, I'm...I'm...not hungry at all.

Scoops: Oh! Ok.

(Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy and the Grocery Store Manager are working behind the counter)

Chuck: Well, that about does it.

Manager: Great! What is it?

Chuck: The best sandwich press the world has every seen! And I invented it! Watch...

(He places a sandwich under "Chuck's Ultimate Press", pushes a button on his remote, and the the press slams down onto the sandwich, crushing it.)

Chuck: Must have been a faulty sandwich.

Manager: That baby could crush a car! Seems a bit extreme for a sandwich press though.

Chuck: I don't think it's extreme at all! I think it's more... what's the word? Oh, I know it...

Manager: (suggesting adjectives) Loud? Obnoxious? Totally destructive?

Chuck: Kind of, but I was thinking of something more positive...

Manager: Just get it out of here!

Chuck: But you need this machine!

Manager: No, I'm pretty sure I don't.

Chuck: (holding a rope) Well, maybe this will convince you!

(Chuck ties the manager up and gags him, and places him on the conveyor belt that leads to the press.)

Chuck:'s THIS for extreme?!

(Chuck suddenly notices Scoops and Becky coming to the counter, and interrupts what he's doing)

Chuck: Hi, can I help you?

Scoops: I think I'll have your number 4!

Chuck: Ok. Let me just press that for you.

Scoops: No, thanks.

Chuck: Really, it's no bother.

Scoops: (irritated) No!

Chuck: It'll take five seconds.

Scoops: I don't want it pressed!

(As he is arguing over not having the sandwich pressed, Becky sneaks off and changes into WordGirl, then appears behind the counter.)

WordGirl: Hi.

Chuck: Hi, what would you like?

WordGirl: Did you tie that man up and put him on that... um...

Chuck: Sandwich press?

WordGirl: That seems a bit extreme.

Chuck: My machine is not extreme! Watch! (presses the button, and the press smashes Scoop's sandwich into pieces)

Scoops: I said I didn't want it pressed!

WordGirl: Well, extreme means going beyond the usual limits, and looking at this sandwich, I would say that extreme seems to be the right word!

Scoops: (stomach rumbles) Sorry, I'm hungry.

WordGirl: See? That was an extreme hunger pain.

Chuck: You think just because you're WordGirl you have the right word for everything?

WordGirl: Uh, yeah!

Chuck: Oh, yeah? Well my name is (thinking of a good name for himself) Chuck, the..uh.. Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, and I'm gonna make a sandwich out of him! (pointing to the manager) ha-ha-he-he-hrrn!

Narrator: Can WordGirl stop Chuck, the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, from turning the store manager into a squashed sandwich? Should Chuck, the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, have chosen a less extreme name? How many times can I say Chuck, the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, without getting sick of saying Chuck, the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy? Find out next time on another installment of...WordGirl!

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