" Tobey! You had better have a permission slip for those robots! "
Miss Davis scolding Tobey
"Cherish is the Word"
Season 3, Episode 10a
Cherish is the Word titlecard
Production code: 310 a
Original Airdate: 02/08/2011
Featured Words: Cherish,
Written by: Eric Ledgin
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"Granny's Intuition"

Cherish is the Word is episode 10a of Season 3 of WordGirl.


Tobey and Victoria Best cause a ruckus during class on Valentine’s Day.


It’s Valentine’s Day in Ms. Davis’s class, and Becky is determined to give Scoops a Valentine this year. When he shows her one for a special friend, she eagerly asks him who it is for, but Victoria Best interrupts, stealing all the Valentines. When WordGirl tries to recover them, she is stopped by Tobey, who offers WordGirl a Valentine. Victoria Best is jealous of all the attention that WordGirl is getting, and she causes a disagreement between our heroine, Tobey, and Scoops. In the process, Tobey challenges Scoops to a duel, stating that the winner will be WordGirl’s Valentine.

After a confusing battle, WordGirl saves Scoops in the nick of time. As they are flying away, she asks Scoops who the Valentine was for, thinking it to be Becky. Scoops, however, replies that he had written the card for Violet, much to WordGirl’s shock. She puts him down by Violet, and he asks her to be his Valentine. She agrees, but not before Victoria Best hears them and becomes envious. When WordGirl boasts to Victoria, stating that the robots are fighting her because she is the best superhero ever, she takes out her recorder and hypnotizes the robots, causing them to chase her. As the robots go berserk, Tobey cries that if WordGirl stops the robots, they don’t have to be Valentines. Victoria promises to give back the Valentines if WordGirl saves her, and with that, the pint-size powerhouse takes out all the robots and saves the day.


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I worked extra hard on this card because it’s for someone special, take it! - Becky Botsford


Wordgirl Cherish is the word full episode

Wordgirl Cherish is the word full episode