"Catch as Catch Can"
Short # 01 of 30
Length: 2 min
Original Airdate: 10 Nov 2006
Primary Villain: none
Vocabulary Words: Cumbersome
Watch Video: PBS Video
"Enter, the Butcher"

Catch as Catch Can is short number 01 out of 30 of The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl.


Can WordGirl prevent a cumbersome meteorite from destroying the city?


Out of Earth, a large chunk of space rock heads toward Earth and flies into a nearby school yard. The citizens begin to panic as it gets closer. WordGirl appears, remarking that is a meteorite. Captain Huggy Face, her monkey sidekick, saves Violet from being crushed by the meteorite, and WordGirl catches it with her super-strength. School reporter Todd "Scoops" Ming comes over to ask her a few questions, but she explains that the meteorite she is holding is getting rather cumbersome. She then defines the meaning of the word cumbersome as "heavy and uncomfortable to hold". She throws the meteorite into the sea and the city is saved. She flies off and turns back into Becky Botsford. When her friend Violet asks her where she was, she simply replies that she was tying her shoe and gives the audience a wink.


Major Roles
Minor Roles
Background Roles


"Hi wordgirl. Heck of a catch there."- Scoops


  • This was the first WordGirl short ever to be be shown on PBS Kids.
  • There are no villains in this short. The first one appears in the next short, Enter, the Butcher.
  • This was the same short that showed up in Wordgirl's show premiere

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