"By Jove, You've Wrecked My Robot"
Season 3, Episode 26b
By Jove
Production code: 412 b
Original Airdate: 06/11/2012
Featured Words: Savvy,
Written by: Jack D. Ferraiolo
"Road Rage, Anger, and Fury"
"Seize the Cheese"

By Jove, You've Wrecked My Robot is episode 26b of Season 3 of WordGirl.


With the hopes of exposing WordGirl's true identity, Tobey takes a game about evil robots to Becky's house. When the game turns out to be a real battle between actual robots, Becky must do what she can to save the city and keep WordGirl's true identity a secret.


The episode starts off with Becky at home relaxing. Her mother comes over and reveals that she invited Tobey over for a playdate. When Tobey comes, he shows Becky a new game he made called "By Jove, You've Wrecked my Robot". In the game, each player tries to guess where their opponent put their robots on the board. If they guess right, the robot falls over. The person who defeated all their opponents robots wins.

They play the game for a while before Becky looks outside and sees that the game is actually real and Tobey's robots are placed throughout the city. Tobey warns her that if she tries to run off and turn into WordGirl, he'll have the robots destroy the city or her house. Becky denies being WordGirl. Tobey responds with pictures of Becky having the same shoes as WordGirl. He also mentions how many similar features Becky and WordGirl share. Becky continues denying who she is, and tells Tobey she's going to beat him at his game anyways.

When Tobey leaves to go to the bathroom, Becky gets Bob to give her TJ's walkie-talkies. She uses them to cheat. After slipping up, Tobey learns of her dishonesty. He says that he doesn't care, and that since they haven't heard WordGirl fighting the robots, Becky is WordGirl. A crash is heard. Tobey consults his robots' security footage. All of it shows a silhouette of WordGirl beating his robots. Tobey then tries to fight Becky, but is stopped by his mother. Huggy comes back and shows that he was defeating the robots himself, and was using a WordGirl doll to trick Tobey.


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  • This is the only episode that Becky didn't transform into Wordgirl

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