Botsfords House

During day.

Wordgirl in Bend It Like Becky 012 0001

At night.

The Botsfords' house is the focal point of most of the episodes where Becky spends her days reading, watching TV, and playing with her unicorn collection. In some episodes, Two-Brains broadcasts television warnings to WordGirl at home. Also, in the shorts Tobey is shown in Becky's house and wanting to destroy it so Becky could reveal her secret identity. Tobey visited her house again in "By Jove, You've Wrecked My Robot!" Their house is located at 78 School Street (as reported in Earth Day Girl and Yarn-4-Gold).

In one episode when Exposition Guy went looking for the police station, he was told it was only some blocks away from the Botsford home. In the episode Chuck!, we see that he and his wife live across the road from the Botsford residence.

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