"Bonkers for Bingo"
Season 2, Episode 8a
Bonkers for Bingo Titlecard
Production code: 208 a
Original Airdate: 05/04/2009
Featured Words: Adore,
Written by: Ryan Raddatz
"Answer All My Questions and Win Stuff"
"The Ballad of Steve McClean"

Bonkers for Bingo is episode 8a of Season 2 of WordGirl.


The city loves Granny May, who has become the undefeated bingo champion. But is her winning streak on the up and up? It’s up to WordGirl to uncover the truth!


The episode starts with WordGirl capturing some villains, then hearing that Granny May has given up her evil ways, instead playing bingo during her spare time. It turns out she's not just a bingo player–she's the undefeated bingo champion, having never lost a match. The whole city adores her, cheering her on at every game. However, WordGirl is suspicious of Granny May, even believing that she is cheating. After one of Granny May's victorious games, WordGirl and Captain Huggyface stay behind to investigate. The truth is revealed–she's not lucky at all; she's using a magnetic "lucky duck" figurine to pull out certain metal balls with winning numbers from the bingo wheel.

Having discovered this, WordGirl tries to communicate to the entire city that Granny is cheating, only to become hated and frowned upon by the public. In an attempt to reveal Granny's plot once and for all, WordGirl then joins Granny's next game. Each contestant is playing hard, until it all boils down to the finals: WordGirl versus Granny May. But there's a new surprise: for the final round, Mr. Botsford has donated an old bingo wheel from his collection to use. And the balls aren't metal–they're wood! Not being able to control the balls with her magnetic duck, Granny has no choice but to play fair and hope she wins. As the match comes closer and closer to its end, the competition gets increasingly tense. Finally, WordGirl needs an N39 to win, while Granny needs an N37. The final ball is pulled out–and it's N39!

Even though WordGirl wins, she is still disliked by the public; even more so since she defeated their "hero". When Scoops, who was getting a story during the match, looks around after everyone has left, he finds Granny's magnetic duck and realizes that she has been cheating. The next day, As Becky has depression due to hatred from the civilians,Scoops publishes a story about Granny's trick, causing the public, who now realizes the truth, to appreciate WordGirl again.


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  • The pointing lady from the opening is revealed to be a new mother here, having named her new child Little Granny May during the brief period of Granny May's popularity. At the end of the episode, her baby was wearing a WordGirl outfit.
  • The top two bingo competitors Granny faces (besides WordGirl) are named Mona Fallenbuckle and David Higginbotham.