The phrase blue-jacketed lady refers to an african american lady in the series seen wearing a blue jacket. She has dark skin, wears a blue jacket, black skirt, and hoop earrings. She is voiced by Cree Summer. She also is referred to as Panicking lady as she appears in the opening sequence panicking and screaming at one of Tobey's Robots with the Pointing lady, Running Man, Sally Botsford, Toque Guy, and Todd "Scoops" Ming.

First Apperance: Wordgirl Opening Sequence.

First Episode Apperance: You Can't Crush City Hall.


She has a speaking role in Down with Word Up

"You mean that she has a picture of Granny May on her dartboard?!"

"Oh! Wordgirl puts old people in spacesuits to contain their cooties!"


You Can't Crush City Hall

She watches in horror with Shelby's Dad as Chuck moves his Crusher above City Hall.

Down With Word Up

She also gets deceived by Granny May into thinking that Wordgirl can't be trusted She also has a speaking role as she hears and gossips about a lie that Wordgirl puts old ladies in spacesuits and infects them with cooties. She changes back to liking Wordgirl when Granny may foolishly revealed The Queen of Barbronia's real crown.

Bonkers for Bingo

Gets deceived by Granny May once again to believing that she is a Bingo Hero and Wordgirl can't be loved anymore. This changed when Scoops reveals in the newspaper that Granny May was cheating the whole time.

Line Lessons with Lady Redundant Woman

Theme Park WHAMpage

The cameraman toque guy is waiting behind her in line, indicating that he may film on her behalf as well as Loretta's.

Wham Up!

She is seen holding up a microphone to interview Whammer here, beside Loretta Sanchez-Johnson, revealing that she is also a reporter.

Leslie Makes it Big

Other Episodes

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