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Eileen(Birthday girl) promo
Name Eileen
A/K/A The Birthday Girl
Gender Female
Age 8 - 10 years old
Occupation Villain
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Violet Heaslip (Best friend, multiple episodes)
Exposition Guy (Best friend, one episode)
Family Mother (unknown identity)
Abilities Green greed-induced transformation, super strength, size alteration
Voice Actor Pamela Adlon

The Birthday Girl is a recurring villain on the series WordGirl, voiced by Pamela Adlon.


She is a ten-year-old girl who is greedy, selfish, immature, and sometimes cruel. Usually, she appears to be a innocent little girl to others. She does whatever it takes to acquire anything she may want, by using a faux-polite manner, big eyes, and a lisping voice, along with the the statement "Today is my birthday!" Whenever she is denied something she wants, she yells "Mine, MINE, MINE!", growing in height and turning a deeper shade of green with each yell until the owner of the coveted item hands it over in fear.


The only way to reverse Eileen's transformation is to persuade her to do something generous instead of something greedy, a trick discovered by Violet in the episode "The Birthday Girl", and used several times since then.


Elleen thinks that every day is her birthday, and such uses the excuse as a reason to get special treatment from anyone and everyone, usually to great effect. Because she thinks every day is her birthday, she thinks every party is her birthday party, every cake is her birthday cake, etc.  She also greatly annoys Becky because of her lisp, using the "w” sound in words instead of “l” or “r”. e.g. “I wearned my wesson.”, "Today's my biwthday!", "What do bestest-westest fwiends do?".  In addition to using it to get what she wants, she also uses her cute charm to get herself out of trouble, as shown in "The Wrong Side of The Law".


  • Her powers are based on those of the Hulk, a Marvel superhero, though unlike the hulk, her powers are based on greed rather than anger.




Eileen is chasing the Energy Monster

Birthday Girl-1
Birthday Girl-3


Birthday Girl-2
Birthday Girl-0
Eileen seen in the backround in Scary With A Chance Of Butter

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