MIHAW binoculars

Bird-watching certificate

Binoculars is an episode of May I Have a Word where Tommy correctly defined the word.


In Round 1, Tommy buzzes in first and correctly defines Binoculars as "a device used to make things that are far away look bigger." Beau says that Toby's binoculars (from the last clip) are very similar to the ones he uses when Beau goes birdwatching. He invites all of them to join him this weekend, but they all make excuses for not coming.

In the bonus round, Tommy correctly chooses picture #2, where Huggy is using binoculars to see what's happening on the ground.


  • A Gift Certificate for a Bird-Watching Trip with Beau Handsome
  • BONUS ROUND: An Official Beau Handsome Bird Watching Hat


Click Here for Transcript

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