" Without Mr. Big Inc. and our ultra-modern hookachickabowwow, your polly-wolly-doodle rates would be through the roof! "
Mr. Big
"Big Business"
Season 1, Episode 21b
Big Business
Production code: 121 b
Original Airdate: 09/12/2008
Featured Words: Gibberish,
Written by: Ben Zelevansky
"Violet Superhero"
"The Handsome Panther"

Big Business is episode 21b of Season 1 of WordGirl.


Mr. Big attempt to take control of the biggest building in the city by winning a local business contest.


When Mr. Big's assistant Leslie tells Mr. Big that they own the second biggest building, and that the Welrose building is the biggest building in their city, Mr. Big sabotages Businesspaloozafest in an attempt to gain control over the building. As Becky and and her family are looking at Suzy P. Snugglestein's factory of cuteness, Mr. Big puts on a big spectacle, impressing many townspeople with utter gibberish, which they consider to be brilliant. WordGirl goes on the case to stop him from cheating and speaking gibberish; but when Leslie activates another mind-control ray at the final judging of the contest for the best business on WordGirl, The Mayor, and Mrs. Botsford, it is up to Captain Huggy Face to save the day!


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  • This time WordGirl is affected by Mr. Big's mind control (even though she is normally immune to it), while Huggy is not affected. It seems to be unpredictable as to which of the main characters are subject to mind control, and under what circumstances they are susceptible. In this episode, the ray was somehow able to target only the judges of the contest.