MIHAW bewilder
Bewilder is an episode of May I Have a Word, where it was first declared that no one correctly defined the word, but later Phil was declared to be the winner.


In Round 1, Tommy buzzes in first and incorrectly defines Bewilder as "to transform from one person into another" (referencing the clip in which Becky changed from her Pretty Princess costume into WordGirl, bewildering the cat). Phil buzzes in next, and with a bewildered look on his face, says he thought he knew what it meant, but now is confused and totally puzzled. Beau points out that Phil correctly identified the meaning of the word Bewilder, which means "to puzzle or confuse". Phil still looks confused by this. Emily then buzzes in:

  Emily: Bewilder means to puzzle or confuse.
  Beau:  You just heard me say that!
  Phil:  I'm totally bewildered!
  (Tommy buzzes in)
  Beau:  Why are you ringing in?  I've already said the answer!
  Tommy:  You have?
  Beau:  This is the most bewildering experience I've ever had!
         I'm going to declare that no one is today's winner!

However, in the bonus round, Beau reverses his decision and declares Phil to be the winner of Round 1, even though he only defined the word through example. Then, Beau declares Phil to be the bonus round winner even before he makes a choice, much to Phil's bewilderment. (The correct answer was #3)


  • A Go Cart
  • BONUS PRIZE: An Official WordGirl Pogo Stick


  • This episode was not featured on PBS Kids website.


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