Beehive lady

The phrase beehive lady refers to an unnamed background character identifiable by her unique beehive hairstyle. She holds it up with a blue headband, wears a red shirt, and has a brown pearl necklace. In formal occasions, she wears a smaller white pearl necklace, a blue dress with an indigo bow for the waist and an indigo petticoat underneath.

She looks similar to Shelby Joy, and is sometimes seen along with her, implying that she may be Shelby Joy's mother, or a close relative. However, there is no confirmation of this within the series.

She may be a member of high society or is just a regular citizen in Swap Meat, But it is revealed in Chuck Makes a Buck that she is a true member of the upper class despite that fact that she doesn't look or act like one.


"And I heard there’s a villain covering his boss in goo!" -Chuck,the Nice Pencil Selling Guy

"Priceless? (gasps) That makes me want one! How much are they?" - The Wrong Side of the Law

I’ll pay you this much! - The Wrong Side of the Law

"I don't always recycle!" - Questionable Behavior


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