"Bampy" Botsford is Tim Botsford's father and Becky and TJ's grandfather. His first appearance is in the episode "Bampy Battles Bots".

Bampy Botsford


"Bampy" Botsford (unknown first name)
Around 80
Grandfather, senior citizen
Unknown; possibly Fair City
Grandma Botsford (wife)

Great Great Grandpa Botsford (paternal grandfather)
Great Great Grandma Botsford (paternal grandmother)
Great Grandpa Botsford (father)
Great Grandma Botsford (mother)
Mr. Botsford (brother)
Ms. Botsford (sister)
Tim Botsford (son)
Sally Botsford (daughter-in-law)
TJ Botsford (grand-son)

Becky Botsford (adoptive grand-daughter)
Extraordinary athletic abilities
Voice actor

When he was about the same age as his son Tim is now, he had defeated a giant robot with just an office screw driver. He tells his grandchildren this story, often making references to how Wordgirl could never defeat a robot like this one, which causes Becky to get annoyed and claim the story "fictional". TJ stuck around for the story.

Later, when Wordgirl admits defeat after failing to destroy Tobey's Tobeybot 9000, Tobey drops the remote and it breaks, meaning the robot is no longer under his or anyone's control. Hearing about the robot, Bampy and TJ go downtown and Bampy is able to climb up the robot, while Wordgirl distracts it, and unscrews its nose (just like in the story), causing it to flail aimlessly until it falls into the lake and shortcircuits.

In the end Bampy reveals that when Becky (as WordGirl) accidently called him "Bampy", he figured out that she was Wordgirl. This would mean Bampy would be the fourth being to know about Wordgirl's secret identity, the other three being Captain Huggyface, the narrator, and Violet's cat Fluffy.

During the episode Yarn-4-Gold, Wordgirl and Bampy team up to defeat Granny May, who was exchanging people's gold for equivalent sized items made of yarn (with help from Dr. Two-Brains' henchman).

Bampy fell victim to Granny's scheme and gave her his gold watch in exchange for a yarn one because she offered to also give a unicorn sweater for free, for Becky. He told Becky (knowing she is WordGirl) what Granny May was doing, and they decided that it is only a crime if Granny May refused to refund the gold if asked to do so. He went to get a refund, and she indeed refused, and Bampy gave WordGirl the signal (literally the word 'signal').

Granny May fled, and Bampy chased until he couldn't run any further. Granny May accidentally dropped Bampy's gold watch, he put it on, and he was able to use his power leaps to catch up to her. This suggests that his acrobatic powers may be contained in the watch, but he may have also just been more motivated once he got it back.

He and WordGirl lured Granny May to stand on the spot with a big 'X', and she was buried under sandbags. Bampy knew that the sandbags always dropped on the 'X' at noon because he used to work at the factory.


  • Bampy was also featured in the recent episode "Scary With a Side of Butter".