Apprehend is an episode of May I Have a Word where Phil correctly defined the word.


In Round 1, Tommy buzzes in first and guesses that Apprehend means "to dress like a pirate, like Captain Tangent in that last scene...or like ME this past Halloween!" while holding up a photo of him, wearing a paper hat and eye patch and yielding a wooden sword.

  Beau:  I'm sorry, that's incorrect.
  Tommy: I did TOO dress like a pirate!
  Beau:  No, I mean the definition you gave for Apprehend is incorrect.
  Tommy:  I'm not following.

Phil then buzzes in, and correctly defines Apprehend as "to capture and take to jail."

In the bonus round, Phil correctly chooses picture #1, where the police are apprehending the Amazing Rope Guy.


  • An Official Captain Tangent pirate costume
  • BONUS ROUND: An Official Captain Tangent Pirate Ship


  • In one version of the episode, the main round ends with a view of the stage from the back of the audience.


Click here for Transcript

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